One Small Step

'One Small Step' is the 2D animated short film I directed in my final year of my BFA in Animation at QUT. I created the original concept and then directed and animated alongside a small team of students to bring the vision to life. 

Handbag: The Untold Story of the Faghag

An animated sequence created for the documentary Handbag: The Untold Story of the Faghag. This heartwarming, hilarious and fierce documentary explores the historical and academic background of the 'fag hag', the pop culture character versus the socially awkward stereotype, and the real women who have loved, supported, protected and advocated for gay men without a single moment of their own in the spotlight.

Racing Hounds

It has since been entered into many film festivals nationally and internationally and has been screened at over twenty festivals. Some of which include West End Film Festival (AUS), AUSGFF Festival (AUS), Portland Horror Film Festival (US) and winning the title of Best Animation at the Auckland International Film Festival (NZ) and best screenplay at Freshflix (AUS). 

Being a Birb

A looping personal project about my bird Theo and the way he likes to treat people.

Cookie Thief

Created for the LoopdeLoop Dec/Jan 2019 theme of Window

Sound by Tim Rackemann

Long Day

Entered in the LoopDeLoop Oct/Nov theme of shoes.

Sound by Tim Rackemann

Bob The Blob

Created as a project at QUT this animation was made in Blender and After Effects

Sound by Tim Rackemann

Paper Love

Short stop motion film project for my first project at uni.

Sound by Tim Rackemann